Sunday, November 17, 2013

Back at it!!

Well its been awhile since I've blogged and a lot has been going on since my last one.  i have moved from giddings to denton for school. i am now attending UNT as a RTVF student minoring in Photography.  I'm 21 now and still trying to find myself in who i wanna be as a person but that'll all come in time.  I think I'm ready for what the future holds in my career and I'm excited but for now I'm just gonna take it easy with school and live life…

so this i am enjoying my 1st semester at UNT and its interesting living away from my family for the 1st time. i miss my family a lot, including my 2 nephews Gustin and Hayden.  also i am living with 2 interesting roommates that i believe are the best roommates i could have asked for cause i get along quite well with them. the semester is going pretty good, made a few friends but i still spend most of my time at the apartment cause i only have a few friends but things will pick up in the future.

well until the next post, later...

Friday, October 7, 2011

My 1st show with the Eleventh Hour Band!!!

so last night was my 1st time performing with my worship team outside of church.  the Eleventh Hour Band ROCKED!!! the Bugle Boy in La Grange with 2 great sets that lasted 2 hours.  it felt great to be able to plug in, perform under lights and a small crowd of people  who enjoyed every minute of the music.  hopefully there are more shows in the future with the Eleventh Hour Band, i love music so much and i could play FOREVER!!!!
until next time, we'll see what happens......

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A New Idea.........

so ive been think as a side job about opening up my own graphic t shirt company and eventually adding different things to it such as sunglasses and bags. i have decided to name company after my blog because i realized that it fits me very well.  i love being in the city and i kinda have a retro style so it was only obvious to name it that.  except the design of the logo will be much different but the light blue works pretty well so hopefully this will eventually work out for me so wait and see what happens...................

Retro City 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Some Interesting Music Ya'll Might Like.......

Hey guys, here is some good music that i have bought and been listening to constantly and i hope that y'all check out these bands.

CD's: Vans Warped Tour '11 - 50 songs from 50 bands
          Parachute - The Way It Was
          Yellowcard - When You're Through Thinking, Say Yes
          My Chemical Romance - Danger Days
          All Time Low - Dirty Work

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Summer school is over..........THANKFULLY!!!!

so i finished my 2 summer semester of college and they were hard. i took state and federal government and got C's so my next year at Blinn College is going to be simple. its time to apply to new colleges and find where i want to go next so lets see how things go.....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Just Whats Been Going On......

So its been a couple of months since ive blogged but im going to start back up on it again.  some things that have been going on in my life this summer have been life changing.  sadly my Uncle Nixon Lehmann pasted a month or so after i finished my 1st year of college and it was so tragic for my family because he was a UNIQUE individual but he is in a better place now. for something greatly positive, my sister had her second baby boy and his name is Hayden Wylie Mckee aka binky bear lol.  things are going pretty good for me in my life right now and cant wait to start my 2nd year of school and end with my associates in art but thatll be a year from yall will have to wait and see how things will be going with my life.......ENJOY!!!

this is Nixons video of his life for those who never saw it or just wanted to see how this incredible cowboy lived

my wonder nephew Hayden Wylie Mckee!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

1st Year of College FINISHED!!!

well i finished my first year of college and it wasnt to bad, im now excited for what the summer will bring.  im planing on doing some paintings and learning to play the guitar better so just wait and see for what i will bring